I think there was a time, when I was a teenager, that I was intentionally eccentric. It was all affectation, to some degree or another, lacking any real identity or emergent traits. Like most people, I didn't know what I liked.

I've gotten a lot weirder since then, I think.

My current list of "huh?" eccentricitices includes:

Being on over 5 psych meds
Being afraid of lobsters
Wearing tshirts which are so far past worn as to be classified as rags by my mother
Fascination with disaster, risk, and the human factors thereof
A disassociation with my fascination with the purely macabre, and a greater fascination with the oddly ironic
I watch Deadliest Catch, Lost, House, Hell's Kitchen, and Gordon's Kitchen Nightmares with a freaksih regularity.
God bless Tivo.
I've begun to read young adult scifi novels. They're less pretentious than the adult ones, and an easier read. See above about psych meds.

Some that haven't changed:

I still want to be a writer.
I still want to be an artist, and I'm working on a portfolio to some yet unsaid purpose.
I still like to dye my hair and it gives me a sense of control over my life.

I expect to only get weirder as I get older. I live in Berkeley. I see what happens when people just stop giving a fuck. It's not a bad thing. They seem pretty happy, really.

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I've brought candles and music and books and medications and beverages into my room and I am staying here in this sanctuary until I feel a lot better.

Which'll be soon, I think. These things heal.



I don't normally post videos, but:

Thou Shalt Always Kill

Yes. Glory.