It's the final countdown.

I love the whole world.


Compared to the other kids in my class, I'm a lot taller

I'm pretty sure I saw Cereal Killer from Hackers at a recruiting event at Linux World today. To refresh your memory:

I didn't get a picture of him, lacking cameraphone at the ready. He was talking to the people at LBL. Are you fucking kidding me?

I was there checking out a job fair, since I was going to be in the city in interview clothes anyway. It was a bust, but worth it to see the Linux dork burnout trying to talk to the lab folks.

Interview, however, was stellar, and my mood is exceptional. If you have a favor to ask, now's a good time.


Words + Pictures

First attempt at some kind of visual narrative - a comic, if you will. First page of 12 I have images and words for. Layout takes me a long time.

Click for full, 'cos it's too big for this column

Untitled, as of yet. But you can probably see where it's going.