5aday - day 4 - 2009-03-04

Commute photos. I love riding BART.

5aday - day 3 - 2009-03-03

Day 2 went missing - skipping to day 3. Obvious from the content that I forgot to take my camera with me today - today's photos are close to the ground.


5aday - day 1 - 2009-03-01

minimum of 5 pics a day for 60 days. pictures of cat and boyfriend do not count. will post at least 5 here - they may not be awesome, but they are taken.


long time

I've been spewing my day to day thoughts to the random masses on Twitter lately, and thus neglecting longer narrative here. I feel ok about that - I don't think too many people read this anyway, and I'm not sure how productive it is to record every moody thought.

I spent 3 months at EA on a contract, and I loved it. They had the most beautiful campus, games everywhere (including a fucking Arkanoid machine), the best cafeteria I've ever encountered, and a Starbucks. My contract was terminated right before Christmas. I was a bit heartbroken. I don't think I've ever been so sad to leave a company. Thus is contracting.

Monday I start back at Verizon, in a completely different capacity. I'm really looking forward to it - this spotty employment thing has been really horrible. I don't really have anything else to say about that, except that it's going to be hard work, and I need that.

Snow and I have been playing D&D on a regular basis at Endgame, to enormous entertainment value. It feels good to geek out like that. I haven't made it the last couple of weeks and I've been in terrible withdrawals. I'm hopoing I can make it Monday despite it being my first day at work. I don't have a lot of social interaction, and I need it.

Today is my last day of leisure, so I plan to slack and then possibly go to Becketts and eat fish and chips and drink cider.

Things are looking up, I'm cautiously optimistic. Once I get a couple of paychecks under my belt, Snow and I are planning to move in together. After 5-ish years. We are slow, but it's for the best. My biggest concern is how our cats will get along. Here's hoping, on that one.

Things that are good:

The last few episodes of Battlestar

Settlers of Catan card game
Spacefarers of Catan
D&D 4e

Arthur and George