and will the stars collide?

Just to prove that the eternal crushing chaos that will destroy us all is live and well, I refer you to this particularly eventual crossover:

Edward Gorey's "The Trouble with Tribbles"

The end times. They are a'coming.


beer kink


Seriously. The world has now caught up to my 1998 aesthetic ideals.



So earlier this week I watched War Games - a movie that manages to touch on pretty much most of the major modern security problems. It held up really well.

Tonight, I'm watching Hackers, a movie I haven't seen in over ten years. It was cringeworthy upon release, but with time, it's mellowed and aged into something watchable as ficiton - the world that never was.

It had a pretty great soundtrack. Aside from that, the sheer insanity of everything about it is just laughable. I mean, I've known my share of actual hackers, and they are freaks of nature, no doubt. Eccentricities, affectations... but not one used a computer that looks like a relic of the 70's. The LCDs that cast reflections on faces, the fly-through Zaxxon version of hacking... all pretty tolerable, in retrospect.

Of course, sitting here in my labcoat, I sort of wish for a pair of welding goggles. And a pair of in-line skates. Or at least some shiny platform boots? No?

At least I still have my German army jacket and my sexy glasses.

That's where the movie lost credibility, come to think of it - a lack of girls with hot glasses.

Hollywood will never learn.


It's that time again in Berkeley...

It's that time of year when young men flock to the grocery store, in search of... food. Food they don't know how to prepare. They know their mothers went to the grocery store, something happened, and then there was dinner - it's that intermediate step that they can't quite grasp. It's the "???" of the underpants gnomes, in a culinary sense.

You can see them roaming the aisles, alone or in groups, dazedly grasping a loaf of bread or a six pack of beer, unsure what else they are supposed to get. Sometimes one has a head of lettuce. Sometimes a large jar of mayonnaise and a carton of eggs. Sometimes you see the more clever (and better funded) ones with a cart full of frozen dinners.

Yes, these are the freshmen. New to the outside world, they are like neonates, vulnerable and hungry.

Later they will return to the places they live, and have loud, irritating parties. The rigors of school have not yet truly set in, and for now they are free to be the same pain in the ass they were in high school, only without any parental supervision.

Or a decent meal.


how not to be an idiot like me

If you are buying something at Ikea and it weighs 76 pounds... make sure you can lift 76 pounds.



what the world needs now

It's hot and I'm tired and grumpy so I'm listening to old 90's music. Anyone remember Cracker? Probably not. I wouldn't mind finding my Ned's Atomic Dustbin cds either.

Last night playing Guitar Hero 80s:

Me: This song (Holy Diver) makes no sense.
Snow: I think it's about heroin.
Me: You mean like all of the Velvet Underground's songs are about heroin?
Snow: I thought some were about S&M.
Me: No, they were about S&M as a metaphor for heroin.

Guitar Hero 80's is really fun. I think they changed or figured out how to make the songs just... more fun to play. It feels more like playing an instrument and less like Super Mario Brothers.

I am starting to become annoyed by AJAX. Mostly because my computer doesn't have enough RAM, and they're always dragging my poor browser through the murky mire. As I type, the window is proably 30 characaters behind my actual typing, on average. Meh.

I had something useful to say but I've forgotten. Typical.



I went and had a colonoscopy on Tuesday. Not to give too much detail, but everything was okay, so that's good. But I've felt dead and drained ever since. I'm guessing part of it was not having much nutrition for a couple days, missing my meds once, and not having any more of one of them - rectified today.

This is disappointing because I've been mostly feeling pretty good for the last few weeks, and it's a really scary thing to feel so tired and emotionally ambivalent. Even though I'm pretty sure it's just stress and my body being unhappy, I feel like I have to scramble, to do something to retain my better moods.

What, I'm not sure.

Last night I ate a pound and a quarter of fruit. My body was screaming for it. When I get cravings I have to follow them, I have to assume my backbrain is smart enough to know what I need to fuel my insane body engine. Berries and melon and pineapple later, I felt a bit better. Guitar Hero and a bit of salad and feeling slightly more human, but mostly still emotionally and physically wiped.

Hoping I feel rested sometime in the next few days. This is tiresome.