So earlier this week I watched War Games - a movie that manages to touch on pretty much most of the major modern security problems. It held up really well.

Tonight, I'm watching Hackers, a movie I haven't seen in over ten years. It was cringeworthy upon release, but with time, it's mellowed and aged into something watchable as ficiton - the world that never was.

It had a pretty great soundtrack. Aside from that, the sheer insanity of everything about it is just laughable. I mean, I've known my share of actual hackers, and they are freaks of nature, no doubt. Eccentricities, affectations... but not one used a computer that looks like a relic of the 70's. The LCDs that cast reflections on faces, the fly-through Zaxxon version of hacking... all pretty tolerable, in retrospect.

Of course, sitting here in my labcoat, I sort of wish for a pair of welding goggles. And a pair of in-line skates. Or at least some shiny platform boots? No?

At least I still have my German army jacket and my sexy glasses.

That's where the movie lost credibility, come to think of it - a lack of girls with hot glasses.

Hollywood will never learn.

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