what the world needs now

It's hot and I'm tired and grumpy so I'm listening to old 90's music. Anyone remember Cracker? Probably not. I wouldn't mind finding my Ned's Atomic Dustbin cds either.

Last night playing Guitar Hero 80s:

Me: This song (Holy Diver) makes no sense.
Snow: I think it's about heroin.
Me: You mean like all of the Velvet Underground's songs are about heroin?
Snow: I thought some were about S&M.
Me: No, they were about S&M as a metaphor for heroin.

Guitar Hero 80's is really fun. I think they changed or figured out how to make the songs just... more fun to play. It feels more like playing an instrument and less like Super Mario Brothers.

I am starting to become annoyed by AJAX. Mostly because my computer doesn't have enough RAM, and they're always dragging my poor browser through the murky mire. As I type, the window is proably 30 characaters behind my actual typing, on average. Meh.

I had something useful to say but I've forgotten. Typical.

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