Silly rabbit. iTunes is for tunes.

Wow. I just watched my first download from the iTunes video store. Let me sum up, to prevent a long ranty post:

Price: $1.99
Quality: Tiny and highly compressed. 3"x3" default size.

Price: Free
Quality: 80% of TV quality, good enough to fill my whole monitor without artifacts.

If this is what they expect to save the movie industry... I hope they have a backup plan.

Maybe a pretzel stand. Or door to door popcorn.

Mmmm. Popcorn.

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ntpd said...

itunes video: (good) - instantaneous, fuffils need, (ok) - only works well with quicktime pro for fullscreen effect and copy/paste/integrate, (bad) - drm, can't find anything i want to watch

bittorrent video: (good) - no drm, i can find everything i want to watch, (ok) - i have to dig to find what i'm looking for blindly, the formats are not consistent (bad) - sometimes i waste time downloading a broken file

getdemocracy.org: (good) - easy and fun to use and find things, (ok) - there isn't that much to watch really, (bad) - it seems to take forever to download

psp.connect.com: (good) - content looks decent and probably better than itunes, (ok) - haven't tried to download anything yet, (bad) - drm

try those last two out and let me know what you think