riled and cheesed with cheese please

It's all getting a bit thin today.

Went to the local non-Apple owned Mac store, looking for an odd USB cable for my external drive. I don't have the energy to document it, but the guy there was so rude, so dismissive, so completely jerky that I left cursing under my breath. I haven't experienced anything like that since comic book stores in the mid-90s, before anyone knew girls read comics. So if you ever were thinking of going to M A C (or M.A.C.) computers on Shattuck in Berkeley - don't bother. Go to Circuit City or the Apple Store or anywhere else instead. They're jerks.

And then, more Etsy drama. Oh, Etsy.

They release a "Gift Guide" which is curated by the Etsy admins, with sections like "For him","For her", "Under $50" etc. It's completely fashion-focused, all of the Blythe doll, lomography, through the viewfinder, kitschy shit that's in right now. Great, whatever. All retail outlets conform to fashion - it's just the way it works.

But they didn't, alongside, provide any way to find ALL items "For him", ALL items "For her", or ALL items "Under $50" - so users will come to Etsy, shop the people that Etsy admin thinks are cool, and then leave. It feels like high school all over again.

Then just to grate some cheese on my existing cheese, I read that my prints are apparently supposed to be tagged as "reproduction" - reproduction of WHAT? They are prints. I tweak and alter each one when I make it. I invested heavily in high end equipment to make them. And I get tossed into the same pile as anyone order a poster of a Monet from Wallgreens. Fucking beautiful.

I worked on my actual physical portfolio tonight. I am just about done sinking time and money into this site that epitomizes everything about bad dot-com logic. Run by developers for their freinds - the rest of us just fund it.

I could really use a sedative. If I weren't busy running contests for my street team, I'd take a long break from computers and Etsy over the next few days. Maybe next week.

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