bacon and dreams

I had a very strange dream last night. Somehow, an experiment my dad and I (I think) were doing messed up magnetism. In what way I'm not sure, but small stones and rocks started flying all over the place, inside the house, pelting us, scaring my grandmother. We went outside and it was worse. I suggested we get heavy-duty tents to sleep in, and if we should board up the windows (which were mysteriously unbroken).

Then, abruptly, it stopped. The explanation was that whatever was going to be magnetically drawn already had been, so there was no more.

Gotta love dream science.

Last night, in honor of my sparkly clean kitchen, I cooked dinner for Snow. We collectively had a stroke of brilliance and I cooked bacon-wrapped turkey and cheese sausages, with scrambled eggs with green peppers and onions.

And it was really, realy awesome. Despite the smoke-filled apartment. That part is irrelevant, as my place still smells like bacon. And in case anyone wonders - that is *awesome*.


sam said...

You found my chicken... it was on a wall and you zapped it.

zoembie said...

sam -
Your chicken made me happy every day as long as it was up. You rule.

If you want a print of the photo I can make you one any size, it only seems fair..

zoembie // e