Uhhhh so. 'sup.

LINGUISTIC INNOCENCE WARNING: Words that are apparently not words in this post include nonsensery, assfuckery, multicast, and geekery. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Wow, I have totally neglected blogger! I knew this would happen at some point - something else would steal my attention. In this case, I wish I could say it was simply real life (haha) but in reality, my stray output cycles have been sucked into twitter. Yep. Random brain emanations now are being multicast. Hooray for the future!

Real life kept me away even from twitter for a few days, though. Up at PAX for the weekend. Seattle was beautiful - I really do like that town. PAX was chock full of geekery, which was wonderful. I regrew my intimacy with my PSP, namely with Wipeout:Pure. Which I suck at. And Snow beats me at. And then laughs at me. Neigh, he *cackles* at me.

I have pictures and videos and nonsensery which I will post for posterity at some other point than this. For now, I just bought some REALLY pretty blue dice, and I'm going to go roll up a 4ed caster later at Snow's house once it cools off quite a bit. Did I mention Seattle was overcast and cool and breezy?

It took something like two and a half hours to get back from the airport on Sunday, due to luggage and BART assfuckery. My fish was dead and my fridge door open when I got home. But aside from that, life is grand.

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