which has a higher ld50
or glue stix?

consumption of each seems to be reaching a plateau, so i won't worry.

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dre said...

Klonopin (the wafers are great) usually comes in .25mg doses to a 5mg Valium dose (1mg Klonopin is equal to 20mg Valium).

The maximum Klonopin dosage any doctor in CA or US would prescribe would certainly be around 20mg (2mg po tid). Just don't take more than that. Ever.

I took 40mg of Valium once and my blood pressure checked out ok when the paramedics arrived (somebody thought I said I took 40 Valiums and called E911 services, wrongly hearing me say `40mg'). 40mg is usually the maximum dosage for Valium, but it's 10mg po tid.

Glue stix should not be eaten, insufflated, smoked,, or used for anything besides "gluing things" like colored paper together.

Maybe you should try a more natural or normal remedy, such as smoking a Blue Lotus, which apparently is not only a very beautiful flower (which you would certainly enjoy), but it is also a symbol of purity and enlightenment.