Fashion over style, every time

There are things I get tired of seeing over and over again. Discolored, old-looking photos, made in obscure ways with obscure equipment. Photos of third-world kids who didn't have to sign model releases, didn't get to have a chance at the proceeds from the certainly holier-than-thou photographr who took them. Collages of 50's era magazine women and white strips with trite or snarky typewriter sayings.

These things are BORING. They have been boring ever since the person who first thought of them saw the first copy. There is nothing even remotely creative about copying a third-hand fashion because you think it'll get stuff sold. But creative doesn't really matter, does it.

Sadder still, it will! Because once someone sees something twice, they come to believe it's hot, it's new, it's the way it should be done.

There is no room for innovation in the marketplace. There is no room for style in the marketplace. There is only room for Hot Topic, for Clare's Botique, for every sequel to every movie that defiled our screens by sucking so badly. Because we bought it anyway. We bought it, and we'd buy it again.

It leaves me feeling sad and creatively dry. Maybe sometime fashion will turn in my favor. But probably not.

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andrea said...

This tapped right into my mood today: black. (But tomorrow is another day! :)