random life.

So tonight I bought a frickin awesome hat from skully on etsy. She lives in Wales, and I had a nice fantasy chatting with Snow about living in Wales and raising sheep, goats, and having a field of mice for his cat to torment.

Skully happens also to sell hula hoops, at Hyperloophoops - and has a forum by the same name.

Posts there led me to HoopGirl, who I found out have classes in SF as well as DVDs. Not sure I actually have room to hoop at home. Back to that house in Wales.

Then I found a guide to making a hoop, which led me to Identi-tape, where I've spent like an hour looking at pretty... and possibly useful... tape.

So from the evening, I netted one hat, a desire to live in Wales, a desire for a hula hoop, and a very possible future purchase of shiny, shiny tape.

This is not the sort of random life they talk about on those HP commercials. This is much, much geekier.

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