i wouldn't call it liveblogging...

It has to be pledge week, because KQED (the local PBS affiliate) is actually showing something worth watching, as opposed to the Lawrence Welk and thinly-disguised infomercials that are normal.

Awake and flipping channels at 2, I tuned in just in time to see a dramatic closing moment from Queen's performance at the 1985 mega concert for Africa, Live Aid. I sort of remember seeing part of it on tv as a kid - I guess I was Audrey's age. Maybe in a hotel room on a family vacation, but I can't be sure. They're now playing selections from it I guess, a clip show if you will. I'm starting to think it'd be fun to get the DVDs. A lot of music history.

Bowie: (Heroes) Looked so much younger. He sounded great, so much less... fragile than he sounds/presents himself now.

The Who: (Won't Get Fooled Again) The Who? It's amazing these guys were only middle-aged then.

Elton John: (Bennie and the Jets) Pre-sequin era, but with a crazy hat. I think he was really stoned.

Tina Turner and Mick Jagger: Battle of the mouths. Still seriously damned entertaining. Why Jagger insisted on taking off his shirt to show his creepy skinny pale underbelly is beyond me, though. A lot about this particular performance was confusing. Cocaine?

Paul McCartney: (Let it Be) Not much to say. He looks younger, and a bit stoned. I see a theme developing.

All in all, it's always a reality check to see how young and healthy people who are now old and drug/life/wife exhausted were.

Next on late night tv liveblogging: Tennis players make funny sounds. Ugh! Ungh! Ugh! AUUUGH!

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