99% of the food I see advertised on TV makes me sick to look at. Burgers dripping with cheese, grease or mayonnaise. Various "chicken" products embalmed in unknown "sauces". Triple platters of fried foods for the outrageously low price of $7.99, for the hastening of your impending heart attack. For an additional $1.99, add a stroke. How can you resist.

In case you were convinced, Applebees is not your neighborhood grill. McDonalds is not cool. The double bacon six dollar burger is not something anyone should eat. Ever. It is gross, no matter what they say on your tv.


Reality tv is watchable with Tivo. Fast forward through all of the recaps and drama, and watch the 20 total minutes of actually interesting gameplay out of a two hour show. 5 minutes for a 1 hour show.


Cable channels are putting out some really entertaining programming. Dirt is a lot of fun. Breaking Bad was remarkably good. And everyone knows my thoughts on Battlestar. (Extremely awesome, in case it's in question).


I spend too much time watching tv. But Tivo helps.

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