from the bottom

Wine. Cake. Tv. Done.

HR from Verizon called. Tried to make my case as well as I could. Stressful.

Arrived home, with lemon almond torte, blush champagne and roses in hand. Yum.

Whole foods yielded not the cake I wanted. Substitutions were made.

Doc listened to my litany of bleh. Told me he's cutting down his patient load, and to find a new doctor. Prescribed Abilify. I've seen commercials for that, so it must be good.

Went to the foot doc. Got an injection of lidocane into my foot. It doesn't feel better. He took x-rays and told me that while nothing is broken, I'll need an orthotic and I can't run for at least 6 weeks. I also should be wearing hiking boots.

Took a shower as to not be gross.

Painted my fingernails, a second coat. Painted my toenails. Going to the foot doc, may as well make them pretty, yeah?

Audrey did awesome at swimming today, putting her head underwater and moving up to the next level. She said it was even fun by the time she was done. Couldn't be more proud.

Talked to Dimitry, who I have an unending intellectual crush on. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to talk to him. He's going to go out on a limb (several limbs?) and help me out with my job search.

Cut off some tights that didn't fit, made them into thigh highs. Used sock glue to hold them up - totally awesome. Thigh highs in my future.


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