I'm never alone with my books

snow says my bed is like this:

(from fartparty)

He's not wrong. Half my bed really is full of books. And I do fall out of my bed.

But you know what? If nothing else, the internet is good for telling you that you aren't alone. You're never, ever alone. Kinda creepy, actually.

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Andre Gironda said...

Ok let me see. Queen bed - check! Three black baseball caps - check! Sunglasses case filled with salvia - check! Oreo cookies - check! Several Shadowrun books, 4 novels and 2 RPG books - check! Graph paper - check! Two mechanical pencils - check! Various printouts from computer manuals (one is on security patterns) - check! Various Computerworld, eWeek magazines - check! Various envelopes with both opened and unopened mail - check!

Not to forget Panda bear blanket, connected laptop, connected cell phone, and a bean bag. I live here, thanks.

What's on your bed? How long has this been going on for? I started doing this sometime in 2006 probably right after I moved into Kasey's old apartment.