reasons to purchase cds

1: itunes has shit drm. instant gratification, but good luck having that album 5 years from now.

2: packaging. i know it sounds trite, but i just picked up sigur ros hvarf-heim 2cd set, and i haven't even listened to it yet - but the packaging just made me feel wonderful. it set a mood. it was exactly right.

same for the ladytron - velocifero. i'd had it in mp3 from slsk for weeks, but i'm not sorry i bought it, broke as i am. the package is lovely.

i'm also noticing a tendency towards digipacks that have a lot of room for cover design, and sometimes inserts. more art = more love.

on another night, i used my pocketknife for the first time tonight. to cut my lithium in half. awesome prevails.

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