ancient history

I pulled up my web pages from 1996 on internet archive tonight. I don't think I'll link them - they are, in a way, personal.

It makes me happy, to see that over 10 years ago I was designing well, I was writing things that don't totally suck now. I was so unhappy at the time about so many things, but my art and writing and web pages gave me some satisfaction. And 12 years detatched, I can say, it wasn't unwarranted.

Still, strange to look at. It's still me, I noticed. My voice is different, but the song remains the same. And that's good to know.

Interesting facts about me in 1996:

I was 19 years old.

I was flunking out of the Junior College.

I was working at a small ISP, where I first got my UNIX chops. Which I had to unlearn later, and relearn properly. But still.

I made my first real webpages, mostly preformatted text. And they are still badass looking, in my opinion.

I wrote more than I did at any other time of my life, and more freely.

I was completely unstable. My boyfriend broke up with me, and I tried to kill myself twice. As far as I know, I didn't succeed.

I made my first forays into Photoshop and digital art. I never looked back.

They weren't the best of times, but they weren't the worst of times. They were volatile times, times of change, but also creativity. Funny, how that goes.

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