hither, yon

Random bloody random:

Walked down to my appointments this morning at around 10:30. When I walk through campus, I'm constantly turning my head, taking it all in. When I bring my camera, it takes me three times as long. This morning, there were so many people out on their cellphones, wearing iPods - totally isolated from the world around them. I can remember in high school wearing my Walkman everywhere. It helped shield me from the environment around me - the typical high school environment of drama and socially inflicted misery.

Anyway, the isolation this morning caused me to reflect on that. It didn't make me sad, like it might have once. I just felt glad that I don't isolate myself that way anymore, and that I can look at the world and see and hear it all around me.

* * *

I went to the neurologist for my sleep study followup. Basically, there's nothing wrong - which is great news, because I don't have to worry about it as far as my health goes. It is frustrating to know I don't have anyplace to go with it, if it gets worse again.

I had three hours until my next appointment so I went to Espresso Roma for a sandwich and some lemonade. By this point I was swaying in the sickness of my medications, nauseous and dizzy. I managed to get down about half my sandwich, and tried to work on photos. The inspiration and focus wasn't there. Snow came down and kept me company (as well as finishing the second half of my sandwich). We went to an amazing toy store and swooned over all of the Playmobile toys. I now want them all. And a shelf to put them on.

* * *

My second apointment was with my psych doc - we dealt with some paperwork, and I asked him about the constant pukeyness. He's cutting down some of my meds, which means another trial-and-error period. I'd actually been feeling prett good (aside from the constant pukeyness, of course) for the past few weeks. So I'm worried.

On my walk home I was pretty drained. Walking through campus back, though, was really nice. There were so many people out, and they were chatting and walking in groups. They were all so young and beautiful, looking happy or looking serious. The whole world is open to them, everything left to unfold. It made me smile.

4 miles round trip, two doctor appointments, two lemonads and half a sandwich. Long day.