my valentine

It's too personal to document in more than notes, but I had a lovely Valentine's Day with Snow (celebrated on the 13th, to avoid the crush of the amorous the next day).

- I don't fit into any of my dresses. For the first time in memory, they are all too big. I settled on one that had a belt. But it was nice to realize my body is changing for the good.

- Dinner and drinks at Downtown were amazing. Pear brandy sidecars, fantastic cheese plate including a truffle cheese that was mind-blowing, spicy potatoes, intense risotto, fantastic pork shoulder, and a pear and berry... crumble? buckle? I can't remember. Anyway, it was memorable.

- Snow wrote me a card that was really beautiful, with words I won't soon forget.

It was a lovely and happy day. I've had a lot of those lately, but this one was especially so. Which in itself an intensely happy thing.

Of course, true to form I can't sleep now. But that's ok, it gives me more time to glow in the niceness of the evening.

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