i almost remember when i used to eat and sleep

I've been kind of down about my photography lately - I haven't had the personal energy to keep up with my Etsy store, despite really quite decent sales in the last few months of last year. I haven't done much new, mostly because of energy but also because of the dark, cold rainy days.

My mom, though, said she has some sites she thinks I'd like to photo. That's super cool to me, that she "gets" what I'm doing, and wants to contribute. I will of course try to make the most of it.

Thursday is Valentines Day which has always been a family day - candy hearts and chocolate, hearts and flowers and of course dinner. Snow and I will go out together on Wednesday to have our own celebration, away from the hustle and bustle of the 14th. Since I'll be up during the week, I'm going to get a paper notarized for Audrey's passport, as well as my divorce papers. Which is really great. Another thing I haven't had the energy for will be done. Before then, I have cards and gifts to make - which is fun.

Seeing as my glass project is nearly done, only a bit of solder cleanup and framing to do, I'm thinking of applying the knowledge to small glass pendants with my art inside. It's a different kind of work than I'm used to, actually using my hands instead of just vision and images. It's challenging, but also satisfying.

Insomnia for the last week, nausea before that. Little appetite - managed to eat some thai food the other day and some mac & cheese tonight, but the only thing that really seems to help are peanuts eaten in between swallowing pills. No idea why it works, but it does. Switching meds is exhausting but I have to give it a chance.

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