Too many naps today. Can't sleep. Hooray tv movies with the "fucks" bleeped out.

Heat is a great movie. I don't think I've seen it all the way through in years, tonight no exception - I always seem to be coming in half way. I should really just rent it and watch it through, since it's totally worth it.


* Despite the fact that this movie is 13 years old and there have been huge advances in crime-oriented movies and tv shows since then, this still rocks them. No Law & Order, no CSI, no Catherine Zeta Jones slinking under laser security. Just badass actors being badass.

* Al Pacino and Robert Di Nero used to be much younger men. I forget this fact.

* Val Kilmer always seems mildly retarded to me in everything after Real Genius. Did someone drop him on his head in acting school? His IMDB biography insists he's a good actor...

* Other notable roles for our pal Val (via IMDB)

The Dirt (2009) (in production) (rumored) .... David Lee Roth
Knight Rider (2008) (TV) (voice) .... K.I.T.T.
The Ten Commandments: The Musical (2006) .... Moses
Masked and Anonymous (2003) .... Animal Wrangler

* There is apparently a video game of this movie coming out and that scares the shit out of me. Movie license games are notoriously shitty, and it seems a shame to sully the name for all the kids who have never seen it.

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