I've been checking out Grinding, the new bit of community exploitation spurred from the warpo mind of Warren Ellis. So far? Boring. I've been trying to kick in where I can, but so far it looks stillborn.

I have a pretty good idea of what sort of tattoo I want, eventually, where it will be and how it will be extended over time. What I didn't know was who I could trust to do it. Then last night while browsing I found this amazing studio of women artists,
Diving Swallow Tattoo

Their work is absolutely perfect for what I want. But that's a ways off - i have things to accomplish before then. Ultimately I want a vine that starts on my lower back, and winds around my waist to flowers in bloom, with bees. I want to be able to add bees over time, as I accomplish more in my life. It occurs to me I could have the roots done now - they are the rough hewn parts that represent all I've been through, all the groundwork I've laid so far. I've also been doing research on what sort of flowers I want - something that attracts bees, preferably something that grows on a vine, and something beautiful.

I signed up with the Jillian Michaels website. It seems pretty good - well structured workouts on a daily basis. I'm keeping really organzied, and I'm hoping this kind of structure will help me keep to it.

During a long layover at the Seattle airport, I realized I'd forgotten to pack shampoo, so I went to the local Body Shop and bought myself some Honey Moisture Shampoo. It is now my most favorite shampoo ever, and I can even blow-dry my hair without it looking like some kind of science experiment. So. Awesome.

Without going into drastic detail, my hormone situation is much relieved. I spend $200 a month on drugs and very few of them are any fun at all. Cheaper than crack, I guess.

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