nothing to say but what a day

power outage forced me to sleep last night. bought a new phone, should arrive tomorrow - perhaps it will suck less. making a lot of lists - a fake sort of order. made a list of things i used to enjoy but have since lost interest in (pretty much everything). printed a list of psychologists. clearly i need a second opinion on my mental state (first opinion being mine, naturally, and totally unreliable). i have all this divorce paperwork to deal with and it's very intimidating. i've gotten as far as addressing envelopes. still to do, copies, notarized signatures, mailing, crossing my fingers and hoping the "respondent" as he's called does the same. each step is like tooth pulling, a carnival of anxiety. for which there are drugs. so that's good, at least. as a nurse once told my mother, "where there's dope, there's hope".

i am guessing no new art for a while. i can't force it and it's just not coming.

my plants are mostly doing ok though. so yay.

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