new image rescue project, gratuitous zombies

It occured to me that there are tons of still images just waiting to be found and loved in public domain movies. So naturally I started with zombies.

What I really want to do is pick through the (many!) public domain films for shots that someone loved, stories that the movie didn't tell. To re-contextualize, to make new.

More to come on that.


Having framed through most of "Night of the Living Dead", a few observations:

1: Framing through a movie with no sound is really fascinating. Not totally frame by frame, but fast forward and reverse and focusing on tiny details.

2: I have a better idea of what I want to do with this, but it needs a bit more work. End result will not be anything as vulgar or obvious as above. Right now I'm liking the idea of settings without characters a lot - before entrances, after exits...

3: I don't know how I forgot, but Night of the Living Dead fucking rocks.

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