Sleep, the final frontier...

Hot-Topic pink dreadlock weaved bitches ain't got nothing on sleep test electrodes. Seriously, were I ever to try to get close to that scene again (hahaha) it'd be rainbow Medusa electrode cascade.

The test itself wasn't too bad. The room was better than some motels I've stayed in. They put me to bed at the unfathomably early hour of 10PM - and remarkably, I actually fell asleep. For a while. Woke up at some point and stayed awake for a long time, trying to remember how to sleep. Funny how that is, it's one of those resistance things.

When they woke me I was dreaming about sleep studies. I would have killed to get into the control room and check it all out, but of course there are cameras into patient rooms, so that's no-go. I won't know the analysis for a couple of weeks. I'm hoping for something weird. Then at least it'd be worth it.

PS -

The amount of goop on my hair and face as a result of said electrodes can best be described as "bukkake without tears". Bleah.


I just discovered that my alias for zoem |@| operations.net wasn't so much working. Now it is. K.

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