I feel so well rested. Falling asleep next to someone you love and actually continuing to sleep through the night - amazing. And due to my sleepfucked state, rare.

I think I'm suffering from some kind of loss of nerve, creatively. I managed to churn out some work I was really happy with a few months ago, and then I just sorta... stopped. I wanted to blame it on winter, but I know it's not true. Intimidated, that I might not be able to do it more.

So I'm going to try to go out this afternoon and shoot a full card on each of my cameras - that's about 500 shots total. It's ambitious, but it'll shake me out of my rut I hope. It should also get me out on a good long walk, which I need. So, eating my oatmeal, having some tea, charging up my batteries and getting ready to open my eyes for a few hours.

I managed to nerve up to look at my resume last night though. It wasn't in bad shape, I was happy to find. I cleaned it up and posted it a few places.

Despite being at my parents house this weekend, also known as "snack hell", I managed to be reasonable. Weighed myself this morning - 3 lbs less than Friday. Blood sugar 10 points lower. Getting stronger all the time. I will beat this life, someday,

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